AF Foundation


The Andrew Forde Foundation (AFF) is a non-profit, humanitarian organization, created in 2009. Formed to outline insignificant factors that may handicap or limit an individual's level of success, the aim of the AFF is to not only address these limitations, but ultimately eliminate them.

"No one -not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses-ever makes it alone." - Malcolm Gladwell

Historically, a substantial amount of money and resource have been spent purchasing products and tools for people who would seemingly benefit from them the most. And though this methodology has been to simply provide people with superficial needs, expecting that everything will resolve successfully, this methodology is flawed. It is understood that the basic elements for human survival must be met before any further progress can be made and, rightfully so, there are a number of great organizations who dedicate their time and resources in making sure these needs are met. However, our purpose is to unleash individual potential by removing the barriers which are responsible for hindering those from realizing their ability to achieve greatness.

The Andrew Forde Foundation runs under the belief that people are intrinsically granted with the necessary tools to help both themselves and their communities. It has been proven numerous times that when physical and mental barriers are removed, people are more inclined and motivated to take the initiative to reach their own goals. Take, for example, the success of the microcredit system in developing countries, or the education of children - these provide environments where individuals can help themselves, and help their communities.

Regardless of the barrier, the Andrew Forde Foundation consists of a team of equipped professionals that are devoted to developing and providing a solution. We provide financial aid to those in need through grants, loans and scholarships. We offer workshops and seminars to help individuals understand themselves and their potential. For those who require help developing an idea, we offer assistance, counselling and aid in the initial steps of networking opportunities. Being a non-profit organization, our decision making process does not involve financial gain, nor do we consider social class or any other number of insignificant detai