AF Foundation


Science & Engineering

AFF has successfully established a new interactive program for motivated students from grades 7-8, with the Engineering Outreach Office in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and the National Society of Black Engineers at the University of Toronto. ENGage seeks to foster an interest in engineering and science, while simultaneously engaging participants in a range of personal development activities during the weeklong program. Campers participate in leadership development activities that are geared toward preparing students to become more involved with their respective schools, communities, and extracurricular activities, through understanding leadership within these roles. Students will develop skills related to key concepts, such as: initiative, communication, confidence, organization, facilitation, teamwork, goal setting and advocating for change- all the while making a difference in the lives of others. All successful applicants will engage in exciting design projects and challenging science experiments, within the context of on-going research at the University of Toronto. Inspiring the minds of our future leaders, the ENGage program seeks to motivate these select students, exposing them to a vast array of academic and career options. Areas of inquiry include biology, chemistry, physics, and various sub-disciplines of engineering (including electrical, chemical, civil, and more).

Athletics & Enrichment Activities

Not limited to academic growth, ENGage also offers a number of opportunities for students to participate in sports, games, and other non-academic activities designed to enrich the development of the student as a whole. Campers will be introduced to an array of active games and sports in a non-competitive and supportive environment. Rather than merely focusing on writing cheques to different groups and individuals, AFF focuses on removing obstacles that are often too difficult to overcome alone. Many people, even those with the right combination of skills and insight, have a hard time realizing their abilities due to hurdles that may be self-imposed or external and environmental. If the Andrew Forde Foundation can work on removing these various obtrusive elements, communities at large can be rebuilt. However, sometimes the hurdle an individual is struggling to overcome is simply a financial one- and of course, we can help with that too. A now highly sought after workshop facilitator for various events and conferences, AFF has set out to educate individuals on the importance of education and giving back through workshops facilitations, speaking appearances, and volunteering. And so, through partnerships with various organizations, AFF is creating the framework needed to help people help themselves.


Internationally, AFF does not change our guiding principles- people everywhere deserve the same level of confidence in their ability to succeed. The idea remains that people are able to help themselves when barriers to success are removed. Often, the same individuals we were fortunate enough to help, go above and beyond our expectations, doing more than we could have done if we had intervened. Examples of this are numerous, as AFF has guided members of the Kosi Bay community in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, by empowering those who have yet to realize their full potential as human beings. By removing barriers, both mental and physical, the members of the community were able to organize themselves in a new way, opening doors for ideas and change to occur.


AFF is currently partnered with various charitable organizations working towards improving the lives of those who aim to improve themselves. Fully aware and understanding of the fact that expanding creativity is directly related to the quality of work found in all other fields, technical and beyond, the Andrew Forde Foundation believes that creativity is the foundation and basis for math & science. Creativity, maths and sciences all interrelate, and depend on each other. This complex and intricate relationship is necessary in order for maximum potential to be released in all disciplines and fields.